The life on Facebook is the one we created, not the one we live..

b542a1510ce8b88748bb1dc0c7d68431Did you ever ask yourself why you are using social media? Ever wondered why you have the know anything about everybody? Why you feel the urge to post a picture when you’re on a party? But do you thing you really know people by their Facebook posts and Instagram messages?

Sometimes I’m surprised by my own thoughts. I am in a restaurant eating with my friends and I feel an urgent to take a picture and put it on Instagram. But why? We want to show all of our friends what a wonderful life we have. When we create something special, when we go to an invitation-only party or when we are with our best friends, we want people to see that. We like to get credit for what we do. And if we don’t get enough likes, we just feel disappointed. Especially when we see others in our Facebook list with tons of likes. The life on Facebook is a life we created, but not always live. It’s some sort of ideal world. As long as we post great stories on Facebook, that life is real. But what happens when you’re alone at home, do you still feel the import to post on Facebook ‘I’m sad and alone at home’. We don’t, because it won’t fit in our created world.

The point I want to make, and what helped me in some sort of way, is that you could try thinking ‘Why am I posting this?’ before you get it online. Is it to make me feel better? Is it so all my friends will see what a perfect life I have? I’m not afraid to tell you right now that I’m just sitting at home, alone. Just me and my computer. I know I don’t have a perfect life and I don’t want people to think I have. And while I’m saying that, I wonder: what even is the perfect life? 



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